Plan of Activities

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In order to further develop the interest of Footwear Industry in the country especially boosting of exports, Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association has chalked out the future Plan of Activities for the years 2020-2022 approved by Executive Committee on 08 March 2019 as under:


  1. Participation in International Footwear Exhibitions

Presently we are regularly participating in Expo Riva Schuh Garda twice a year on Association level which is subsidized by TDAP. The expenses on participation in International exhibitions are so exorbitant that SMEs can not afford these expenses from their own resources. We should pursue the Government (Ministry of Commerce) to arrange our participation in more international fairs specially in the American, African and Australian regions where there are bright chances of success and boosting of our exports.


The expenses after subsidizing by TDAP will be borne by the participant member companies.


  1. Footwear Delegations/ Extensive Marketing

Footwear delegations to the selected regions / new markets play an important role in enhancing our exports for which we will seek more financial help through TDAP to include SME sector as well as increase the number of footwear delegations in coming years.  Association will try to convince the Ministry of Commerce  to send Footwear Delegations to UK,  American, African and Australian regions to introduce our products.


All expenses will be borne by the delegates themselves initially and will be compensated from the subsidy received from TDAP on return.






  1. Organization of International Footwear Exhibitions in Pakistan

After the successful organization of  five editions of Pakistan Mega Leather Show at Lahore International Expo Centre during January of last 5 years this Association will continue to organize this exhibition in future with active collaboration of PTA, PLGMEA & PGMEA.  Our 6TH  Pakistan Mega Leather Show has been announced to be held from 27-29 Jan 2020 at Lahore International Expo Centre.


  1. Skill Development of Footwear Industry’s Workforce
  2. Footwear Industry lacks technical hands and supervisory staff, essential to

meet the  challenges of international market for enhancing exports.  The Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design has created a wing named Pakistan School of Fashion & Design for Leather & Accessories, which has started a 4 years degree course in Sep 2010.


PFMA should remain associated with the project and will continue its support

in providing all necessary technical and material assistance wherever needed.


  1. PFMA will organize a complete course for training of unskilled workforce

named “Cut to Pack Shoe Course” with the help of donor agencies GIZ, PVTC, and Gujranwala Institute of Leather and Technology on the basis of Germany module i.e. two days theoretical training in institute and 5 days on job training in factories.


  1. After successful completion of two Shoe Laster Courses, PFMA will continue to

run these six months courses with the collaboration of GIZ (a Donor Agency)

at respective factories for practical training and two day per week theoretical

training at Government Institute of Leather Technology Gujranwala.


Any material assistance demanded by Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design, TUSDEC or Institute of Leather Technology Gujranwala will be contributed by member companies.



  1. Maintenance of Library / Information Bureau

The library already established be maintained and equipped with latest footwear magazines obtainable from international market having useful articles.  It will be providing facilities to its members in the use of gazettes, trade directories and other informative publications.


Footwear magazines e.g. World Footwear, Fotoshoe , are contributed by the publishers free of cost and there is no expenses involved on this account.


  1. Membership of FPCCI

Continue the membership of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


Annual Membership Fee will be paid out of Association Funds.  However any additional expenses if involved will also be paid out of Association Funds.


  1. Assistance to Members
  2. Assist members in procuring latest information on manufacturing, marketing,

import and export of footwear and allied commodities and  maintaining contact

with foreign trade and industry missions to explore facilities and possibilities for

boosting  exports.


  1. Resolve the technical controversies between the members of the Association.

Information on manufacturing, marketing etc is available on internet which will

be provided to the members on demand free of cost.


  1. Representation to the Government

Make representations to the Government, Central or Provincial and other authorities or bodies as and when deemed necessary and to secure an organized action direct or indirect for the fulfillment of any or all of the objects mentioned herein.




Expenses on account of travelling if involved will be met out of Association Funds.


  1. Website Improvement

PFMA has already developed its website  listing its objectives, activities, up-to-date members list / office bearers, membership form, queries form etc.  We have already updated it  according to Trade Organizations Rule 27 to include up- to-date  list of office bearers with contact details, Executive Committee members, management and members of the General Body, memorandum and articles of association, plan of activities, schedule of Executive Committee meetings and minutes of such meetings, and schedule of elections,  voters list and election results during the election period. We will update it at all times with all relevant information.


Finances are not involved.  We have trained computer operator to update the website.


  1. Research and Development Cell

A Research & Development Cell has been established to collect the information on footwear sector in the world. Members should be informed on latest developments including country wise production and import / export figures, custom duty tariffs, any opportunities arising out of abnormal situations, investigating problems peculiar to the industry & trade with a view to cause improvements and progress etc.  It should also safeguard and promote the interest of the labour employed by the footwear manufacturing industry.


All information needed is available on internet which is downloaded and provided to members through routine circulars.





  1. Establishment of Italy – Pakistan Footwear Technological Centre

This Association is in process of Establishment of an Italy-Pakistan Footwear Technological Centre (IPFTC) at Lahore. An MoU has been signed between Pakistan Footwear Association and an Italian Association “Assomac”. As per understanding Assomac, Italy will help this Association in installation of a CAD-CAM Pattern Grading and Cutting Laboratory  and a mechanical physical tests Laboratory for footwear, which will be very beneficial of Footwear Industry of Pakistan.


According to MoU, ASSOMAC will arrange required machinery from Italy whereas this Association will arrange following :


  1. Provide the Center premises equipped with electrical equipment and services

(compressed air, water,  etc.) according to the directions supplied by the Italian





  1.  Pay all costs (including insurance costs) related to transportation and placement

of machinery from the Pakistani port to the headquarters of the Center in



  1. Pay any costs of customs clearance of machinery (or ask to Pakistani

Government  for duty exemption)


  1. Provide boarding / lodging and local transport to Italian experts designated for

training activity after the installation of the machines.


  1. Proposed New PFMA Events.


To increase Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association’s reach and appeal,

We have planned to organize PFMA Tape Ball Cricket Tournament in the month of

Feb/Mar each coming years which have strong correlation with Footwear Branding

and potential sale.