Dear Sirs,

  1. PFMA will be organizing its Tape Ball Cricket Tournament to be held on 19 & 20 Apr  (Friday & Saturday) 2019 in Khyiaban-e-Ameen Cricket Gound. Terms and conditions for the tournament will be as under:

a . Entry fee for each team will be Rs. 50,000/-.

b . Each match for 6 overs for both the teams.

c . Each team will comprise of 12 players including one Director (11 will play) who

will remain on the ground for the entire match. List of players will be provided to

the Association by 5 Apr 2019.

d . Tape Balls will be used (Balls will be provided by the Association).

e . Company Executives are requested to ensure that ONLY COMPANY

EMPLOYEES are allowed to participate. Company cards will be checked for

verification. The teams will be disqualified if players other than employees are

included in teams.

f . Toss will be held half an hour before start of each match. Timings will be

strictly followed and the team will be disqualified if not reached half an hour

before start of the match and walk over will be awarded to other team .

g . Bats will be arranged by respective companies.

  1. The Organizing Committee will ensure following administrative arrangements :


  1. Arrangement of ground.
  2. Arrangements of Umpires and scorers.
  3. Seating arrangement.
  4. DJ and Music.
  5. Commentator.
  6. Generator for un-interrupted electricity.
  7. Tape balls.
  8. Refreshment coupon of Rs. 200/- for each player for the entire tournament.
  9. Lunch / Dinner /Refreshment for CEOs / Directors / Guests.
  10. Photographer.
  11. Media Coverage.


  1. Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee comprises on the following  members :-

  1. Mansoor Ehsan Sheikh , Xarasoft (Pvt) Ltd
  2. Muhammad Haseeb , AHN Synthetic
  3. Ahmed Ahsan Sheikh , Ahsan Elahi Footwear
  4. Lt Col Ahmed Fawad Farooq (R), Secretary General


  1. Jury of Appeal

Organizing Committee comprises on the following  members :-

  1. Hassan Javed , Chairman
  2. Jawad Mussadiq Senior Vice Chairman
  3. Muhammad Zubair Vice Chairman

5 . Following awards will be given away to the participating companies :

Man of the Match award for each match.

Trophy for the Runner up and Winner.


  1. Branding / Promotion Opportunities

Sponsors logo will be printed on kits of all the players.  Sponsorships from member companies will be most welcomed for  :-


Platinum Sponsor – Rs. 300,000/-  Plus Players Kits

  1. Boundry Branding
  2. Banners inside ground   –  3 Positions
  3. Enterance Branding – 2 Positions
  4. Players Kits with Logo
  5. Logo on all brandings


Gold Sponsors  – Rs. 200,000/- Plus Caps

  1. Entrance Banner  -1 Position
  2. Banner Inside Ground  – 2 Positions
  3. Caps with Logo
  4. Logo on all Branding

Silver  – Rs. 100,000/-

  1. Inside Ground Banner – 1 Position
  2. Logo on Food Coupon

Members desirous to avail this opportunity are requested to show their interest latest by 05 Apr 2019.


  1. All PFMA member companies are invited to participate in this tournament as it will create a healthy activity for workers. Maximum 12 teams will participates in cricket tournament. In case more teams are interested then Inclusion of  teams in the event will be on First Come First Served basis, therefore, members are requested to hurry up and send their entries with Fee and names of players along with their CNIC Numbers to this Association Office, latest by 28 Mar 2019 .


Best Regards,


Lt Col Ahmed Fawad Farooq (R)

Secretary General