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Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association

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Dear Sir,


We, M/s _________________________________________________________________________

(Name and Address of Applicant Firm)

are desirous of becoming CORPORATE / ASSOCIATE member of  the  Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association, Lahore and agree to pay its subscription regularly. We also agree to abide by the Memorandum & Articles of Association, Rules, Regulations and By-laws framed there-under.


A sum of Rs. 55,000/- or Rs. 35,000/- (Pay order in favour of Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association) is enclosed herewith in anticipation of our being enrolled as Corporate / Associate member. Particulars of our business are mentioned on the Applicant’s Profile form attached.


Yours faithfully,




Dated :_______________ Stamp of Firm                        ___________________________________

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(1)  Proposed by (Name of a PFMA member & address of his firm) __________________________





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Name, address and designation of our authorized representative who will represent us in the meetings of the Association (if other than mentioned above) is given below :-


Name _____________________________ Identity Card No __________________________________

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Designation ________________________ Rep’s signature __________________________________




Signature attested by the Applicant ______________________________________






1.     Name of the Applicant Firm ________________________________________________


2.     Name of CEO / MD / GM etc ____________________________________________________

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3.     Address ____________________________________________________________________

4.     If member of any other trade body :


a.      ________________________________________________________________________


b.      ________________________________________________________________________


5.     Number of Employees :    ______________________________________________


6.     Category of Business :

a.  Manufacturing :  Men / Women / Children shoes / Others …………………………………………


b.  Trading : Export / Import / Agent / Retail / wholesale …………………………………………….


7.     Annual Exports (in US$ / Rs.) _________________ Annual local sales Rs.________________


8.     Date of Establishment of Firm      __________________________________________________


9.     Status of the Firm (Limited, Proprietorship etc) _______________________________________


10.    Income Tax Registration (NTN) No.   ____________________________      ]

] Photo copies

11.    Sales Tax Registration No.       _________________________________       ] attached


12.    Bankers ____________________________________________________________________

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13.    Office Tel No(s) _________________  Fax No ______________   Cell No _________________



E-mail _________________________ URL _________________ Res Tel No _____________


14.    Any other information ___________________________________________________________


I declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.




Dated ____________Seal of the Firm_________________    __________________________

(Signature of the Applicant)


Encls : As above









It is to certify that M/s__________________, address _________________ is / are


maintaining a Current / Saving etc Account No ____________ with us since ______


and their dealing is satisfactory.




The certificate is being issued on the specific request of our customer and without any


risk and responsibility on the part of this bank or any of its officers.







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