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About PFMA

The Footwear manufacturing industry is one of the ancient and major industries of Pakistan. It could not get any statutory shelter previously, but in February 1983 an adhoc committee was formed under chairmanship of Mr. M. A. Haleem Afsar who initiated a case with Ministry of Commerce (Director Trade Organizations),Govt of Pakistan for providing statutory shelter by granting a license under Section-3 of Trade Organization Ordinance 1961, which was granted in September 1985. The Association obtained membership of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry on 26 October 1985.
In 1993, Mr. Iftikhar Feroz was elected as Chairman of the Association who once again re-activated the Association by holding regular meetings of the members to discuss the problems being faced by Footwear Industry and recommendations formulated for presentation to the Government from time to time.


PFMA is the footwear industry’s business intelligence hub – keeping its members up-to-date on important regulatory changes and its effect on their business.

PFMA is the footwear industry’s thought leader – finding innovative solutions to a range of challenges impacting the footwear industry from sourcing to product safety regulations.

PFMA is the footwear industry’s advocate and voice in Government departments and around the globe – pushing for the elimination of footwear tariffs that drive up costs and common-sense regulations impacting the industry.
PFMA accomplishes its mission through regular Circulars and Alerts, Special Reports, direct consultation, workshops and continual education programs, and advocacy campaigns on a range of issues including: –

Our Vision

  • “Facilitate association members in liaising with government bodies in enhancing productivity and skill development.”
  • ” Creating the synergy within the footwear industry and other stakeholder to become a significant player in Global footwear trade.”
  • ” Work together to make Pakistan excel in world footwear map.”
  • “Let’s grow together.”

PFMA supports all its members in understanding trade issues, and enhancing factory compliance through real-time data, analytical reports, newsletters of various Associations, working group calls, events and direct consultation.

PFMA works to keep its members updated on customs rulings, product recalls, and general footwear duty and import trends through its regular mails and special circulars.

PFMA hosts a wide range of industry networking events to help connect footwear executives. Networking opportunities include monthly and annual meetings – where CEOs, Presidents, VPs, and Directors from across the industry connect. PFMA also helps connect industry leaders for meetings and calls as requested.

PFMA is the platform for industry executives and professionals to communicate and work together on common challenges across company and brand lines.

PFMA has committees and working groups for Customs, Taxation, Budget, Mega Leather Show and Development Committee for growth of Footwear Sector. PFMA Committees members receive updates, discuss best practices and participate by providing input on how FDRA should respond to government rules, regulations, as well as programs they want developed to help the industry. These industry executives and professionals have created a hub for the industry to work together and respond with critical mass to issues and challenges, and have helped many companies solve challenges more efficiently, thanks to industry cooperation.

When vital data, news, and regulatory shifts occur, PFMA sends out immediate alerts to members providing real-time information and guidance on next steps.

PFMA issues “executive updates” to its members anytime the industry needs to be aware of major issues. PFMA has taken an initiative of quarterly newsletter – the Footwear Quarter in Review – to the entire industry to keep everyone updated on current industry news, trends and events.

PFMA meets and interacts with ambassadors and trade officials from countries around the world to advocate for the free flow of footwear; pushing for the reduction of trade barriers and asking for fair treatment of the footwear industry.

PFMA leads advocacy efforts by meeting with government officials regarding the elimination of footwear tariffs.
PFMA helps its members convey concerns and issues to their elected officials through meetings, calls and letters.
PFMA speaks for the industry – drafting and sending letters to government officials and elected leaders on issues important to the footwear industry.

PFMA also holds workshops, seminars and training sessions to assist companies understand trends and critical updates on the footwear business, training of CEOs and workforce to work on modern lines to get the footwear industry in line with the world best industries.